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TMT CANADA has been in Sportswear Manufacture industry since 2002. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality when it comes to our custom t-shirts, hoodie, athletic wears, yoga pants to our casual and athletic use public in Vancouver We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. We have excellent staffs who will guide you to their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends.

  • Industry Leader in the selection of hoodies and sweatpants in Canada.
  • Highest quality standards in detailing and construction.
  • Tighter stitch density is creating an extra smooth print surface for sharper, more vibrant, and consistent graphic results on all colors.
  • Softest hand feel for extra comfort and an anti-pilling finish for long lasting durability.

TMT Canada has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service, on-going IT support and Graphic Design.

Web Design for Richmond Business: TMT Canada


TMT Canada had many technical problems with their original sites (that did not come with e-commerce functionality), and the business had wasted a great amount of time and labour work on providing solutions manually. For examples:

  • The company has more than 100+ product that needs to be uploaded and updated, and all actions were done one by one manually on a weekly basis;
  • The ordering relied solely on manual calculation, and each transaction has different attributes involved: product size, colour, quantity, pricing, weight, quantity, taxes, currency..etc;
  • The logistics and sales reports were done separately from the e-commerce system;
  • The original website had an extremely simple system to could not showcase all product variations, and customers may experience difficulties finding the desired information.
  • TMT Canada did not have sufficient product images to showcase all product type to its potential prospect;
  • TMT Canada had an outdated catalogue that did not specify each product’s sku number by colour and type, which increased the difficulties for the clients to communicate and place orders.


  • Custom design the shipping rules and the system automatically live-calculate the overall cost and the way how product shall be shipped precisely according to the content such as:
    • Shopper’s Account Status
      • Regular shopper
      • Wholesaler (LV 1 ~3)) Discount Type
      • Geographic Location
      • Tax
    • Product Variations
      • Size
      • Colour
      • Quantity
  • TMT Canada can update their product online by uploading excel sheet, and avoid all the manual trouble.
  • Strong back-end support with an in-depth logistic system that shows all product flow and inventory report, including the feature of the system, actively notify Rocketz when product’s inventory is low according to the warehouse.
  • Real-time sales reports and detailed Google Analytics are provided to Rocketz and to help the business to grow effectively.
  • Completely redesign the entire website (including mobile and tablet design), different account level will be able to view different information on the same page. 
  • Catalogue – Restobox’s graphic designers have photoshop all applicable colours for most products (more than 300 photos were done) in a consistent design, and avoid the trouble of spending extra cost on taking photo of each product.
  • Catalogue – Restobox has designed the 2017 Catalogue for TMT Canada with the principles of clean, detailed and easy to read!


  • The end users have provided very positive feedback on how effective and user-friendly the new e-commerce is;
  • TMT Canada’s online sales growth has increased at least 500% since the new website is launched;
  • TMT Canada is co-operating with Restobox and began to expand its online territory to;
  • Significantly reduce the overall labour force and time investment in the business operation and increase the efficiency of the sales and shipping flow = business grow.
  • The new catalogue’s design is much cleaner and easier to read, TMT Canada’s staff experience less trouble when communicating with its clients with the catalogue, Restobox is responsible to design TMT Canada’s 2018 Catalogue.