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AboutThe Client

Wickz Vape Shop is a Burnaby-based Vape Shop, Wholesaler and E-Liquid Manufacturer!

Whether you want an introduction to the common starter kits or have been vaping for years, Wickz Vape Shop is here to guide you through the process and a broad range of products. Our selection offers more than 100 flavours of E-juice by premium Canadian, American and European eJuice makers to the public who are in the transition period of quitting smoking.

Restobox has help Wickz Vape Shop to design an unique and outstanding logo that conveys the business’ vision and attract consumers attention.

Graphic Design for Burnaby Business: Wickz Vape Shop


  • Wickz Vape Shop never had the right logo to represent its business in the past, and was having difficulties to promote its business in any form.
  • There are multiple decision makers in the company, and our design has to be spot on and satisfy all owners’ business’ needs and brand’s vision.


  • Arrange a meeting with all Wickz Vape Shop’s owners and business partners, and to compile all the desired graphics needs and fully understand what each of the owners wants to achieve with the design.
  • Dispatch a professional business consultant and a graphic designer to custom design the logo and posters on site and to make prompt adjustment according to the client’s feedback.


  • All owners are happy with the quality of the logo and the efficiency of delivering the result ( in two hours).
  • The client has utilized the graphic designs on the business’ social media platforms, business cards, marketing material and other resources.
  • The client has successfully launched a various marketing campaign with a recognizable logo and branding image.