About the Client

M.Z. Landscaping

M.Z. Landscaping Design is a Landscaping Design and construction company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are committed to quality workmanship, fine detailing and unique Landscape designs. Our team brings strong design and management skills to each project installation of :

  • Interlocking Paving, Natural Stone Paving, and Retaining Wall Patios
  • Water Features
  • Wood Decks and Fences
  • Arbour, Pavilion, and Gazebo
  • Water Garden, Waterfalls, Koi Ponds
  • Rock Garden, Planting
  • Low Voltage Garden Lighting
  • Irrigation Systems

M.Z. Landscape Design has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service and on-going IT support.

Web Design for Vancouver Business: M.Z. Landscaping Design


  • M.Z. Landscaping Design never had a website in the past and could not effectively introduce its business to potential prospects.
  • M.Z. Landscaping Design was having difficulties to promote its business offline, all clients were introduced only by referral;
  • M.Z. Landscaping Design have 700+ portfolio content that is not categorized and organized;
  • M.Z. Landscaping Design did not have a proper logo to present its business.

Restobox Solutions:

  • Design a simple, yet elegant website layout that best reflects M.Z. Landscaping Design’s branding value and vision;
  • Copy-written approximately 2,000  words introducing the business with branded and none branded keywords in English and Chinese;
  • Organized all portfolio information (category, product image, product detail…etc) with M.Z. Landscaping Design, and to ensure ACE Beverages’ potential prospect can find the desired information easily;
  • Re-design the logo by giving it an authentic + refreshing look while keeping the core spirit of tradition as required.

Overall Results:

  • The client is satisfied with the efficiency and the quality of the website;
  • The client possesses a much-organized portfolio that facilitates the sales  department when presenting the work;
  • The client is satisfied with the logo design, and the logo is used on all the business-related paperwork now.

In Summary

Gallery website with multiple photo galleries showcasing MZLandscape’s ultra-premium outdoor garden and landscaping designs.

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