Highly Effective Landing Pages

Landing Pages That Works

An Effective Landing Page is the Key to a Successful Google Ads Campaign.

The landing page can often make or break an entire campaign. Unfortunately, the landing page is often the most overlooked component of an advertising campaign. At Restobox, we have perfected the process in creating highly attractive and effective landing pages.

Our landing pages are carefully crafted to showcase your product or service in the best light possible. Landing pages require a thoughtful exercise on the copywriting, sales hook emotional triggers and design.

How We Create Winning Landing Pages

Restobox spares no effort in creating winning landing pages that actually gets you customers. Based on our experience, this is where most Google Ads campaign falls short. Our process as follows:

  • Discovery – We will take the time learn about your business, products and competitors
  • Wireframe & Content Writing – We will lay out the text content, call to action buttons and emotional triggers on the page.
  • Design – We will prepare a highly appealing on design on the wireframe that is consistent with your company’s branding.
  • Coding – We turn the design to code
  • Speed Optimization – We make sure the page loads well and runs fast on various devices.
  • Launch – We will launch the website with proper tracking in place.

The Restobox Process

  • Discovery
  • Wireframe & Content Writing
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Speed Optimization
  • Launch


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