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Noble Paw Veterinary

Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital is all about you and your pet. Our mission is to tailor compassionate and professional medical care to you and your pet’s needs. We involve you in the decision-making process via a thorough analysis of various options. We offer the range of services from the advanced treatment to the conservative palliative care.

Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital provides a wide range of veterinary services, from preventive medicine, diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment, export and import to many countries in the world.

Our hospital also has the latest full-body X-ray, dental X-ray, microscope, blood machine, dental scaling and polishing machine etc, gives us the edge to perform high standard veterinary services.

Other than the regular consult, Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital also provides emergency and house call. 

Web Design for Burnaby Business: Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital


Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital approached Restobox with the problem of not being searchable on Google. The Client had a template informative website from third-party web provide, and the original website was not properly structured and coded. For examples:

  • Language options and member log in function can only be found on the landing page, and the only way to access to the landing page was to enter the specific URL.
  • Each webpage has a different navigation bar, and the information is not aligned.
  • The original site contained almost zero branded keywords and none-branded keywords; thus, the website was not searchable on any search engine.
  • The user interface was not mobile friendly, end users may experience a hard time browsing the website on mobile phone and tablet.

Restobox Solutions:

  • Design a beautiful and clear layout on the navigation bar and website structure that allows customers to find the desired information efficiently
  • Rewrite and organized both Chinese and English content for the clients, the new website contains around 10,000 more branded keywords and none-branded keywords that help the website to be searchable on Google Engine (Example: animal hospital New Westminster, Vet Service…etc)
  • Highlight the hospital’s advantages of having professional veterinaries working in the clinic, possessing advanced equipment for animal examination and the convenience of the clinic’s location.
  • Integrate the member login function with a professional clinic management software that allows end users to check their pet’s health history.
  • Complete Google Submission and connect the new website with Google Business’s profile page and to make the website more “search engine related”.
  • Implement Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital’s original art design to the new website, and create the harmony and attractive appearance in Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of the website.
  • Actively engage the potential prospects from Instagram and to lead the traffic to the new website. This brings an average of 50 additional traffic to the new website on a daily basis.

Overall Results:

  • Noble Paw Veterinary Hospital’s new website becomes more searchable in the first month of launching.
  • A significant amount of traffic growth to the new website (in the first month) comparing to the original site.growth.

In Summary

Full end-to-end solution in developing an informative website for a local veterinary hospital.

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