Online Advertising (Google Ads)

Online Advertising with Google Ads

Fastest and highly effective way to get attention.
Provides immediate and huge boost to your business.

Google Ads is a game changer for businesses. With Google Ads, businesses can get in front of users who are searching for related services and products in a targeted geographic area. Businesses can quickly and easily reach thousands of potential customers per day. A Google Ads campaign is a low risk way to test the market and easily scaled up once it is proven to work.

Our Google Ads Process

Restobox undertakes a systematic and disciplined approach to ensure campaign success. We take the time and effort to ensure that your advertising campaign is setup for success. Our process as follows:

  • Discovery – We will take the time learn about your business, products and competitors
  • Proposal – We will craft a custom proposal that fits your business needs and market conditions
  • Measure – We will install proper tracking and analytics on your website to measure user activity and results
  • Content Creation – We will create ad campaign, the keyword list, the landing page and do any tweaks as you need on your website.
  • Optimize – We will analyze user response to the Google Ads and look for points of improvement and problematic areas. Then we shall refine the campaign to increase conversion rates and lower your customer acquisition cost.

The Restobox Process

  • Discovery
  • Proposal
  • Measure
  • Content Creation
  • Optimize


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