About Restobox


Restobox is a full-service web development firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are experts in creating and maintaining websites that helps businesses sell their goods and services. Nowadays, no business owner questions the need for a website anymore. Instead, the question is - why is my website not helping my business? This is the question we can answer for you.

At Restobox, we are a tight-knite team of people who gets things done. We set ourselves apart by providing:

  • Frank and honest advice that gets the job done
  • No-BS approach to problem solving
  • Fair pricing that is highly competitive in town
  • Safe and friendly environment where clients can ask questions and get thoughtful responses

Some History

We have been a trusted web developer for businesses in the Greater Vancouver area since 2012. It may not be a long time for other industries, but in the web development and online marketing world, it is considered a rarity to pass the five year mark. Many competitors that started at around the same time as us have left the business or moved on to something else.

We have been and continue to be committed in this space because we believe our work creates a tangible impact to our community. At the beginning, we set out to make enterprise-level technology available to small-medium businesses at a budget that works. We have been successful at doing so and continue to improve our process and product the past few years.

We look forward to continue servicing businesses in our local community in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

You Can Expect...

  • Professional business advice that makes sense
  • No “hard sell” or pestering you for sales
  • A team that always challenges the status quo

Restobox Offices:

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, AB
  • Toronto, ON

Looking Forward and Beyond

Our Restobox team continue to be dedicated in providing the best solution to small medium businesses across Canada. Throughout the past few years, we had the fortunate experience of establishing a presence in numerous Canadian cities. We look forward to building on our experience and expertise to better service our clients and potential clients, such as yourself.


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