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Self Guided Tutorials for Website and Online Marketing

Harness the power of WordPress and online marketing. Our training manuals and tutorials aim to get you up to speed with WordPress as fast as possible. No advertisements, no upsells, no affiliate links.

Cut through the clutter and get the answers you need. 

Written By the Pro's and Used By Our Own Team

At Restobox, we use a WordPress everyday as a core part of our business. Over time, we developed in-depth and unique expertise on how to build and maintain WordPress websites. 

Initially, we prepared guides for training our own staff and to set standard operating procedures. Eventually, clients started hiring us to create tutorials for them and their staff. And so we created training materials for our clients based on the same procedures every day. 

Over the past few years, we have built up a huge knowledge base, which became Restobox Tutorials. With our tutorials, you will receive:

  • clear step by step instructions on executing certain tasks
  • battle-tested guidelines that we use everyday
  • information updated to the latest verison of WordPress

What You Will Receive:

  • An electronic document (e.g. a PDF) - the file is for you to keep
  • Access to updates on Dropbox for up to 6 months
  • Preferred pricing on technical support if you need further troubleshooting
  • No "seat" limits, use it for your staff, incorporate it in your internal training and standard operating procedures

Current Tutorial Offerings

WordPress Security

Keep your website safe! Learn how to: 

  • Harden your WordPress installation (applicable to the LAMP stack)
  • Avoid common security pitfalls 
  • Hack recovery procedures
  • Standard secure setup that also fit a small business budget    
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WordPress Speed Up

Make your website load fast. It is proven in studies users are more likely to drop off due to longer wait times. Learn how to: 

  • Read the speed waterfall chart
  • Identify the source of your speed problem
  • Tackle various types of bottlenecks to speed up the site
  • Learn how to properly configure WP Super Cache for maximum effect
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White Screen Error Recovery

Most white screen errors are caused by a few common issues. Learn how to:

  • Identify the cause to the problem
  • Recover procedures for each issue
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Understand Your Website Traffic

If you are not getting business from your website, then something is wrong. Recognizing the problem is the first step to cure. Learn how to:

  • Install Google Analytics and Activate Google Search Console
  • Install and activate custom conversion actions (the correct way)
  • Read and analyze the Google Analytics Report and Google Search Console
  • Analyze your traffic from a traditional marketing framework: Attention, interest, desire, action
  • Understand the concepts of key metrics: impression, clicks, bounce, etc.
  • Evaluate your traffic data critically to the root cause of your traffic issue
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Structuring Effective Landing Pages

The landing page is the foundation of any marketing campaign. This is an introductory course on how:

  • Lay out a landing page from start to finish
  • Analyzer other companies (and competitors) landing pages
  • Understand the difference between pages for Google ads, organic search and social media
  • How to write above the fold content
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On-Page SEO (Informative Website)

On-page SEO is search engine optimization techniques you can do on your own website. In this course you will learn how to:

  • How to properly structure an informative website and blog
  • Properly add multi-language to your website while conforming to SEO guidelines
  • How to create Location Schema for free
  • How to write short business descriptions
  • How to use common free SEO plugins for maximum effect
  • How to write page titles properly
  • SEO specialists charge up to thousands for this service


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Terms & conditions:  All tutorials includes 6 months of updates. All materials for internal use only within your company by your employees. All fees subject to applicable sales taxes.