STAGE 18 Badminton Centre

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Stage18 Badminton Centre was established in the summer of 2015. Our facility is located at the center of three major cities: Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond in Richmond East on No. 6 Road and Bridgeport Road. There is a large amount of parking space with additional street parking available for all visitors. Being the largest badminton center in Canada, we currently hold 18 professional badminton courts with a total space of 36,000 square feet to service our customers. We provide large spacing between courts to ease the traffic of customers without interrupting game plays as well as a newly renovated reception area, which provides comfortable seats and tables for all customers while waiting. Additionally, there are showers and change rooms available that are clean and convenient.

Graphic Design for Richmond Business:  STAGE 18 Badminton Centre

Stage 18 was in a rush to have a poster designed within 24 hours, and could not find a good design team that can accomplish the job right at an affordable rate.


  • Dispatch a professional business consultant and a graphic designer to custom design the promotional posters on site and to make prompt adjustment according to the client’s feedback.
  • Utilize all the marketing resources that the client has and incorporate to the theme of the upcoming tournament event in the badminton Center.


  • The client is satisfied with the quality of the sales poster and the efficiency of delivering the result ( in 24 hours).
  • The client has printed the sales poster and promoted in the badminton center, local community center and online.
  • The marketing promotions have earned sufficient attention both online and offline prior the tournament events, and the sales event was a success in the end!