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The Story of The Manor Guest House
The Manor Guest House is located on the southeastern edge of downtown Vancouver in a safe and elegant area known as Mount Pleasant or the Cambie Village and was built in 1909. We offer more than 10 different types of accommodations that will best fit your get away need, and yet to mention, the experience host who knows where is fun to go and how to play in town!

Our house is comprised of studio and two bedroom suites, each with its own bathroom and fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. The original characteristics of the Manor houses are reflected in their spacious rooms with tall ceilings, large windows, some of them stained glass, and hardwood floors. In keeping with the period our rooms are furnished with English antiques and Persian Carpets. With beautifully landscaped gardens and decks both in the front and the back of the house, the Manor provides a serene and inviting environment in which to escape to with a good book or a glass of wine.

Manor Guest House has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service.

Web Design for Vancouver Business :  The Manor Guest House

Manor guest house approached Restobox for the need of increase online booking rate and an effective solution to increase the overall revenue.

The Client had inherited a 7 years old informative website from the previous business owner, and the original website had a lot of business-unrelated information (more like a directory that shows visitors where to have fun in Vancouver) all over the places and was very hard for the user to find the desired information.

The most critical problem: the original website did not generate any tangible value for Manor Guest House.


  • Design a beautiful and clear layout for the website that allows potential prospects to find the desired information efficiently;
  • Implement an easy to use online booking system to increase the online booking rate, the client can book the desired room in three simple steps;
  • Integrate with a hotel-management software to reduce Manor Guest House’s workload on managing all bookings details and payments.
  • Custom designed a booking-schedule-display-system that allows Manor Guest House to avoid the problems of overbooking clients from the internet, phone appointment and walk-in.
  • Apply WPML and allow the website displays up to 6 languages that facilitate potential clients (from different demographic) to use the system.


  • Revenue increases 170% since the new website is launched
  • Reduce an average of 30 hours of unnecessary workload weekly to operate and grow the business