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At CLK Techonolgy, our business principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs. We strive to deliver the best Quality, Value, and Convenience to our clients with the best possible solutions.

CLK Technology aims to make getting and maintaining a security camera or surveillance system as easy as possible by providing all of your needs from one business. We custom design equipment placement for your home or business, supply computer accessories to make sure your computer takes full advantage of our security systems, and provide maintenance and repair services to keep your system running at top efficiency. A security system should make your life simpler, and that’s what we promise with our systems and our service.

CLK Technology has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service and on-going IT support.

Web Design for Vancouver Business:  CLK Technology


  • CLK Technology never had a website in the past and could not effectively introduce its business to potential prospects.
  • CLK Technology was having difficulties to promote its business offline, all clients were introduced only by referral
  • CLK Technology needed a presentable website and has one poster and zero content (context, images, video…etc)


  • Design a simple, yet elegant website layout that best reflects CLK Technology’s branding value and vision;
  • Copy-written approximately 2000  words introducing the business with branded and none branded keywords in English;
  • Purchase sufficient quality images for the website, so the online presentation looks more professional and to provide the client some the basic marketing resources to utilize in the future.


  • The client is satisfied with the efficiency and the quality of the website (given in such short period of time);
  • The client can now present himself with a professional looking website on its business card and online promotion.