How To Avoid These 5 Common Website Mistakes and Boost Your Profits

Your website’s first impression could be costing you major traffic and business if you’re making these 5 common errors. Often as the website owner, you’ll overlook problems that would cause you to instantly click to another website if you were a potential customer. Don’t make these mistakes. #1 – Website Loading Speed: Every second count!! […]

Buying a Small Business?

Here is a Checklist for your online presence. Often times, a client approaches us soon after its website or email malfunctions, or a client is at risk of sing its domain name. Later on, it becomes evident that a website and email server came with the business that the client purchased, but the new owner […]

Vancouver View – Live Stream Project (Beta)

Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [embedyt][/embedyt]   This video is powered by Restobox, your trusted Website Design Company  

Building Websites, Growing Businesses

This is the first post of the Restobox blog, and so I have dedicated this post to highlight what Restobox has been doing for the past few years: building websites for small and medium businesses to help them grow. Here are a few words of advice for any business owner or manage who is considering […]