How to change WordPress elementor’s slideshow

Leftside, Click on the Events


How to create a new event

Hover mouse to an existing post

Click on Duplicate


How to update an event’s content

#1 Update the TITLE

#2 Update the URL (typically the same as #1, you may just copy and paste)

#3 Update the Event’s DESCRIPTION


How to update event’s time

Scrolldown, update the Start Time and End Time

Format: MM/DD/YYYY


How to update feature image

Click on the Feature Image


Drag and drop the photo to the gallery area

(Make sure the photo size is compressed to less than 1MB prior to uploading)


Once the image is uploaded, click on Insert Into Post


Publish the event

Once the information is updated

Click on the PUBLISH button on the right

里歐 LEO

在加入Restobox前,里歐曾任Futureshop的全國銷售精英、多家大型電子通訊商的銷售培訓師。歷經數次創業後,輾轉加入Restobox團隊,並協助打造全新品牌。 沒有IT背景的里歐,將與客戶一同從「銷售角度」思考網站的設計實不實用,從「營銷考量」來評判品牌的定位合不合適。 在這裡,里歐將專業的Sales & Marketing資訊揉合在一起,並用簡單易懂的語言分享給大家一同進步! 里歐個人簡介可參考

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