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Demand for Vancouver luxury real estate remains high, do you have what it takes to grasp their attention?

Vancouver is currently in the top list of the most expensive cities in Canada. The prices are simply skyrocketing and not a single part of the sector is exempted from this. Even the condominiums have received a significant boost in the market rates. Even at this rate, the buyers seem to be unaffected when it comes to their affinity for Vancouver property. It is mainly the Chinese investors who have a larger interest in the real estate market in the area. This has led to a continuous demand for high-end homes in the area irrespective of the prices.

Vancouver itself has done no less in attracting the potential buyers into the city. Recently in mid-June, there was a massive sales gallery for a 30 story, 256 unit JOYCE development, planned by the developer Westbank. This amazing event held in the city attracted almost 3000 interested parties in the first week itself. In the following week, the same event was held in Hong Kong, and even this succeeded in attracting another 200 potential buyers.

Luke Fehon, the managing director of Westbank, has stated that almost 90 % of the JOYCE are already sold off. These are the developments following just a week of the launch. It has not been even a month since the inauguration, and the property may still attract more attention and grow in market valuation.


This period can be especially very advantageous for the real estate agents. No wonder there is already a tough competition among the agents themselves. If you have really decided to be a real estate agent, then you should also make sure that you stay ahead of your game in every way possible. This means that you should have a greater reliability and visibility as compared to your counterparts.

Luke Fehon reportedly told The Edge Markets that Vancouver had been more of a high-end, luxurious destination among the foreign buyers, of which the Chinese comprise a huge portion. Investors have been making purchases for some reasons including retirement, leisure, and even education.

The other reason for a rising demand for real estate in the region is the fact that it is now a mature and stable property market. It does not undergo unexpected and unprecedented market swings like what is bound to happen in the newer markets. Vancouver is, therefore, a safer alternative as compared to many Asian markets.

Apart from that, Vancouver has been rated as one of the most liveable cities around the world. It even occupied 3rd and 5th places in The Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey respectively.

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