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We Build Real estate website, and these are the business secrets that Top Real Estate Agents are sharing with us!


With the world becoming more internet savvy, real estate agents, too, need to change the way they gather leads and potential clients. RealtyFocuz aims at helping realtors in B.C. with professional websites for their business and when we reached out to the top realtors, here’s what they shared with us to help all real estate agents out there:

  1. Get your own MLS website

Experts in the industry suggest that if you have to make a mark in the industry, you ought to have an MLS website for your service. And if you can procure one from services like RealtyFocuz, you stay a step ahead. You get a fully functional MLS website with features like auto listing updates, Facebook share and much more.

  1. Offer home valuation service

To create more listings, you need more seller leads and that’s possible with a home valuation website/form that will give the seller vital information like the approximate value of their home. You can go the extra mile and even offer home valuation services for free, provided the potential seller is willing to enlist with you.

  1. Qualify leads 24/7

You cannot keep a potential lead waiting just because you are unavailable to reply. Use lead concierge services that communicate via texts with a potential lead and collects all vital information that you may need. Use this information to progress the deal once you are available.

  1. Use lead generation portals

Organizations like Zurple, BoomTown, RealGeeks, etc. make your task much easier by offering real estate website that can be successfully used to collect possible leads from all areas that you operate in B.C.. Not only that, they help you with PPC advertisements, drip campaigns, auto text responders, auto listing updates and more.

  1. Look for probate leads

If you want to increase your listings, do not forget to gather leads from people who have inherited properties via probates. Many such property owners may be willing to sell off the property and they can be serious sellers that you just can’t miss.

  1. Connect past clients/leads

Do not let your past leads/clients fade away into history. They offered you business once and may offer the same again. So, connect with them at regular intervals so that you don’t miss out on any new potential listings.

  1. Get referrals from your peers

Past clients, friends, family, etc. are good sources of referrals, but do not miss out on getting referrals from other agents in B.C. or elsewhere. Take part in meets, conferences, etc. and you will get more referrals than you can imagine.

  1. Use Twitter to its best

Use this popular social media platform to quickly spread the word of your service and generate serious leads from interested people.

  1. Use a live chat

Do not make your visitor do all the work. Add a chat service to your real estate website where they can easily consult a team of experienced assistants.

  1. Try being a good salesman

Sometimes get out there and try to generate leads by visiting prospective property sellers and buyers who may not yet have contacted you. Get known to them personally and you have better chances of future lead generation.

  1. Try the press

Try to show up on the local B.C. channels or newspapers once in a while so that people know more about you and your services.

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