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If You Don’t Find these qualities from your Real estate agent Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Buying a home is a big step towards your future happiness and for a first time home buyer, it isn’t just an investment of money, it is an investment towards a happy and prosperous life with your family. Naturally, buyers are often too excited and anxious to get their dream homes in a perfect place that can assure safety, convenience, and prosperity. And this is exactly where realtors come in.

A real estate agent can give you vital information related to the most suitable location and society for you as well as choose a house that not only looks good on the outside but would be worth buying as well. There are hundreds of nitty gritty to consider when it comes to buying a new house and a realtor will help you understand what’s good for you and what’s not so that you can make an informed and wise decision towards buying a house.

However, that doesn’t mean that any odd real estate agent would be good for you. In fact, if you intend to buy the right house for you and your family, you first need to find the right realtor – someone who is really willing to give you the best deal and not just looking to make money by scamming you. Fall for a fraud agent and you could end up losing thousands of dollars, as well as your dream home, as a couple in Toronto did, just some time back. Not only did their finances for the new house fell through, they were about to lose $30,000 that they had deposited as the security money.

You wouldn’t surely want that for yourself and that is why you have to be extra cautious when you select a realtor in Vancouver to get your dream home. The following are the qualities that RealityFocuz organizes for you, and you should look for in a reliable agent:

  1. Look for someone who cares

Making real estate transactions may be a daily drill for an agent, but it is your first home and you wouldn’t want someone who is only after money. Often you will find agents who are too busy managing several deals all at once, most of which are sure to earn him/her more profits than yours and thus, they will show very little interest in taking you through the entire procedure thoroughly. They may cancel your appointments many times or may assign a lowly assistant to deal with you. Stay away from such agents; they are obviously interested in the money and nothing else.

  1. Look for a knowledgeable person

You cannot buy just about any property that’s up for sale. There are a lot of things to consider and it is your agent’s duty to help you understand them and then take decisions. That’s why you should be looking for a broker with solid knowledge of the market like what’s the average price of a house in a particular area, facilities and amenities available in the area, whether there is chance of future development or growth in that area, is it good for your requirements and so on. If your realtor is knowledgeable enough, you can find the perfect safe haven to grow old with your family, happily and prosperously.

  1. Look for someone with previous experience

The ideal real estate agent should not only know about the present market conditions, but also should be able to advice you on what type of house/property would be good for you. Often times, several properties on sale have constructional as well as structural issues which may become a bother for you at a later time. Though not all flaws are seriously, but some can become a nuisance at a later time and you may have to sell it or face inconvenience throughout your life. That’s why, it would be prudent that you choose a broker who has enough experience in these matters and can advice you on the same.

  1. Look for a realtor who is willing to guide you all through

Your real estate agent mustn’t be only a salesman; he/she needs to be a teacher to you as well. Buying a house involves a lot of procedures, involving a number of agencies and organizations, and your agent must be ready to take you through the entire journey without you having to grope about in the dark. Look for an agent who isn’t only interested in selling a listing on his board, but also ensuring that you find the transaction quite easy to pass through.

  1. Look for these essential qualities

Apart from the major traits mentioned above, you should also consider whether your agent has the following qualities – they carefully listen to what you need, they are highly knowledgeable about the area that you have chosen for your new dream home, they keep you updated about new listings as soon as they come up and they have a good team of assistants to help you out.

  1. Look for agents with a website

Another important thing to consider is whether they have a website or not. Most shady agents fail to have one as they do not want you to track them up. Stay away from such agents. Getting a website from RealtyFocuz is so easy now and those that still don’t have one are doing it purposely. So, make sure that you search online for websites of your real estate agent and once you do so, surf through the pages to see whether it is a genuine one or it is just there as a gimmick. Genuine agents will regularly update the list of the properties that are available for sale as well as respond to your email or chat queries. They may have an updated blog as well that gives valuable information to both buyers and sellers. Not only that, if they have had real transactions in the past, you can find reviews from their past clients on their website. This will give you an idea of how good their service is and whether you should opt for it or not.

So, what do you think about RealityFocuz’s summary? If you got any question, feel free to contact us!

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