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If You Are Not doing these 8 steps Now, Obviously you hate money!

If you are a real estate agent, then you would definitely want to make the most out of the year 2017 that has been phenomenal to those related to real estate transactions. The demand for real estate, both commercial and residential, has been significantly high and the investments have never been so prosperous. Obviously, as a realtor, it is important that you ride the wave and reap the benefits of the booming market as much as possible.

But the problem that most realtors face is the lack of proper marketing and exposure that could help them get an edge over their competitors and gain substantial profit. That is exactly why RealtyFocuz works tirelessly to bring you marketing techniques and ideas that are simple, but quite powerful and when applied correctly can take you to the zenith of success. Obviously, these techniques need to be updated from time to time to make them more relevant to the present scenario and so we have come up with these 8 killer ideas that could rock your marketing campaigns for the year 2017.

  1. Expand and organize your email list

Email marketing may be quite an old thing, yet it is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for marketing purposes. So, it is important that you make the most out of it. Collect emails of past clients, potential buyers, frequent enquirers and anyone else whom you consider valuable for your business and organize all the data at one place. This way, you will have the entire database at the tips of your fingers and you can easily send promotional and informational emails to your email list whenever you want.

  1. Use lead capture forms on your website

Having a website up and running isn’t enough to earn you potential clients. You have to convert curious visitors to serious leads and that’s where these forms come in. As soon as a visitor lands on your website, prompt him or her to fill up a form with basic details like name, phone number, email address, requirements and such. As soon as the visitor fills up this form, you have a prospective lead that you can record and follow up at any later time to convert it into a sale. 

  1. Use referral programs

Referral programs are quite powerful in gaining new leads and when it comes to the real estate industry in Vancouver, they are all the more important. It has been seen that nearly 82% of all the transactions made worldwide are in the form of referrals from past clients. So, what’s stopping you from using it as a powerful tool and multiplying your earnings? Apart from verbally asking your past clients to refer your services to friends and family, you could start a referral program that would give incentives to the referrer, thus ensuring that you get referral leads more often than ever.

  1. Get reviewed

Word of mouth is a good way to earn real estate referrals, but you could make things much better for yourself by getting yourself reviewed at various online platforms. Ask your past and present clients to share their experience in the form of reviews on your website and other common places like Google, Yelp, etc. To a visitor, this will totally cement the positive reference that he/she may have obtained from a past client and help you easily earn their trust.

  1. Get your emails read

Sending emails to hundreds or probably thousands of leads on your email list isn’t going to help you at all if you cannot get them to open the email and check out what’s inside. For real estate agents who want their email marketing campaigns to be a sure success, it is important that you ensure higher email read rate and that can be done by attracting the readers’ attention with a catchy, yet simple subject line. Keep it short, casual and relevant to instigate curiosity.

  1. Get expert help

You may want to carry out all your marketing agendas all by yourself, but for the best results, it would be prudent to trust experts like RealtyFocuz. We not only help you to have your own MLS website, but will also help you in setting it up, automatically adding listings and much more functionalities. Additionally, RealtyFocuz will keep your website’s widgets up-to-date and make sure you do not have to bother or spend time in doing things that aren’t exactly your area of expertise. You will have more time to invest in scouting for possible real estate deals, finding clients, fixing deals and loads more that can help maximize profits.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

In addition to the regular posts that you can automatically share on Facebook when you opt for services from RealtyFocuz, you can also start Facebook ad campaigns to promote your business. Social media being the craze of the age will ensure that you get the proper exposure that you need and that too, at a very meager price. This ensures that even with the News Feeds being more crowded by the day, you gain the attention of your targeted audience. Run ads that have been carefully designed to suit your purpose and the ROIs can be exceptionally good.

  1. Focus on retargeting

Most people do not make a one-go deal, especially when it comes to real estate. They may visit your website but leave without filling lead capture forms or enquiring about what you can offer. In order to convert such visitors to potential clients, you can try out retargeting. Track all visitors to your website and when they search the internet for services similar to those that you provide, display your ad to them so that their attention is again brought back to you and your website. This can significantly boost the visitor to potential client conversion rate.

Armed with these 8 killer marketing techniques, you can surely aim much higher than your peers. Use them to the best of your benefits and 2017 would, indeed, turn out to be the best year for you as a realtor in Vancouver.

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