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These 5 Avoidable Mistakes Cost Websites Traffic and Countless Dollars


It’s painful to come across business websites that make extremely costly mistakes that are avoidable under most circumstances. Many take a careless approach to their websites, ignoring how important of a tool it is for a brand, especially if they are courting other businesses. Creating and maintaining a strong website strategy is vital to the success of a startup.

A poor website strategy will decrease traffic and greatly diminish sales; here is a list of five of the worst mistakes that will hurt any website.

Subpar Content

There isn’t a quicker way to drive potential customers’ away from a website than by presenting amateur content. Many websites will over focus on keywords to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and present text which is clunky and doesn’t sound natural.

Content has to be accurate, grab the attention of your audience, and encourage a reader to stay on your website. If presented content does not answer questions your audience may have, speak to their concerns, or have a natural flow—it should not be published.

Will content rich websites are preferable, the amount of content a website presents is irrelevant if it is not presented in the proper fashion.

Website Is Presented Poorly

If a website is difficult to navigate, the design causes text to be unreadable, or a site appears as if it were constructed in 1998, there is no doubting that it will turn users away quickly. A terrible looking website is extremely avoidable and there is no excuse for it.

Visitors should not have to guess how to navigate through your site or question where they need to go in order to find pertinent information. Design flaws also carry over to wild color schemes, which distort text and attempting to present high tech graphics over highlighting the content available on the site.

Too Many Ads Present

Every page on a website should not be accompanied by thirty or more advertisements, doing so alarms visitors and limits the user experience. This issue is prevalent on “News re-write” sites that take news, re-write it, and present it as new articles—while in actuality hoping visitors click on one of the dozens of ads present.

This approach is amateur and quickly irritates your audience. If you are selling a good or service to another business, take a more subtle approach on social media, blogs, and other outlets to sell your brand. Your website exists to highlight the services your brand offers, not spotlight dozens of questionable advertisers.

Pictures Without Image Descriptions

Having pictures on your website is nice, however search engines are now needing Alt tags, description, or caption being present for inclusion. Images are great to have, but if they are not helping drive traffic to your site, than they are not serving a purpose.

Many websites neglect filling out the proper areas in order to make the images on their site accessible to search engines, which is a horrible and easily avoidable mistake.

Not Available Internationally

Plain and simple, if your web host doesn’t allow traffic from certain countries or regions of the world, then you are losing potential customers. Change your hosting if this is a problem as the vast majority of users will simply leave your site immediately if they encounter this issue.

Clever Banana is a company dedicated to avoid these issues, making sure they do not occur on any of their clients’ websites. We are the solution provider and have a track record of creative design, clever development, and setting the bar for what is expected from a professional website.


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