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With the fast pace in  life, having irregular meal time and no time to exercise, many people suddenly realize they have gained a lot of weight. To make the matter worse, some people even suffer from binge eating as they use food as  stress remedy. Do you have trouble finding the time to exercise? JED can teach you how to lose weight just using acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points are also known as Pressure Points in the West. More and more people believe that massaging these points correctly can bring about certain health benefits. Particularly, they can help remove excess calories, promote body circulation, improve digestion and reduce appetite.

This point is 3 centimeters (1 inch) below the navel (“Ren 6”in the figure below). Massaging it can improve digestion, increase stamina, relieve constipation, and help with weight loss. Press the point and move up and down, twice a day and for 2 minutes each time.


The intersection points between the last ribs and the lines extending vertically from the nipples. Massaging here 5 minutes a day can relieve indigestion, ulcer, rib pain, and lack of appetite.


Massage here to control your appetite. Place your finger at the top of your jawline, move your lower jaw, and find the point with the greatest movement. Massage for 1 minute.


Massaging here can improve your digestive functions and nourish your blood. Find the points at 2 inches below your kneecaps, on the outside of your legs. When you flex your legs, you should be able to feel the muscle movement underneath your fingertips. Massage here for 2 minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement of your body.


This point, at the inner bend of your elbow, corresponds to the functions of the large intestine. Stimulating here can help the body to remove excess calories and water. Remember to press down using your thumb to generate enough pressure.

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