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Do you often experience swelling and bloating in the afternoons?

Does it get worse just before your period?

If you also like cold drinks and spicy food, then you may be suffering from “Spleen Deficiency”. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cold drinks and spicy food can harm the spleen and stomach, causing metabolic imbalances and excessive water retention, hence resulting in swelling and bloating.

The excess water tends to accumulate near the lower abdominal areas, buttocks, thighs and calves. It can also affect the appetite and sense of taste, so people may eat more spicy and salty food. This will in turn increase water retention and exacerbate the swelling.

Eat Well, Exercise Regularly, and Drink Enough Water
With J.E.D.’s recommendation, you should avoid the cold, spicy and salty food items and eat more healthily. You should also cut down your sugar intake and exercise regularly to tone your muscle. Furthermore, drinking enough water is essential for improving the overall metabolism. As long as you drink before 9pm, you won’t need to worry about water retention overnight.

Natural Diuretics: Ginger Tea and Barley Water
Another effective way to solve the swelling problem is to sweat and urinate more. Ginger tea and barley water are two natural diuretics.

Ginger contains the natural ingredient gingerol. Drinking ginger tea or ginger soup can improve your blood circulation increase metabolism and burn more body fat. Those who are prone to constipation may eat fresh ginger slices instead.

Barley grains and red beans are natural diuretics as well. Barley grains can also remove excess heat and treat acne.

Home-made Barley Water
Wash and soak the barley grains in warm water to soften them. Then heat the water till it boils and keep it on low heat for 20 minutes.

  • You can sweeten it with Chinese rock sugar.
  • You may also cook with lotus seeds.
  • You could add some yam to improve your appetite.

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