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As Ms. H (aged 33) returns for a medical checkup with her happy baby, it is hard to picture her distressed and anxious self when we first met. At that time, she just had her second early miscarriage but her gynecologist was unable to identify the cause. We used the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods to help her recover from the miscarriage, prepare her body for the pregnancy, and monitor her through the first trimester. Now she is finally a happy mom!

Early miscarriage refers to the failure of pregnancy within the first 12 weeks (e.g. lack of growth or heartbeat in the embryo or early discharge of the embryo). It occurs in 10-15 out of every 100 pregnancies, likely due to chromosome abnormalities during the formation of sperms or eggs. It is part of the natural selection process.

On the other hand, two consecutive miscarriages are considered recurrent miscarriage. In this case, one should consult a gynecologist and have further check-ups, especially for those couples who marry late in life. While the cause remains unclear in 40-50% of the recurrent miscarriages, it is often believed to be associated with obesity, stress, smoking or alcoholism.

Recurrent miscarriage is well documented in the TCM literature. From the TCM point of view, the first 2 weeks immediately following the miscarriage require particular attention, as proper diets and medications are needed to help to repair the womb, replenishing the blood, and restoring the hormones in the ovaries.

J.E.D. recommends a resting period of at least 2 months before the next attempt in pregnancy. Medication and acupuncture can also help the ovulation and pregnancy process during the menstrual cycles. Furthermore, the couples are encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle, such as having enough sleep, a balanced diet, and sufficient exercise. This can both reduce body weight and relieve stress.

Finally, emotional health is also an important factor. Women with prior miscarriage experiences can be particularly anxious and distressed when they become pregnant again, so TCM suggests close monitoring and care through the first trimester. After that, they can get ready to become happy moms!

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