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Building Websites, Growing Businesses

Building Websites, Growing Businesses

This is the first post of the Restobox blog, and so I have dedicated this post to what Restobox has been doing for the past few years: building websites for small and medium businesses to help them grow. Here are a few words of advice for any business owners or managers who are considering investing money to get an online presence.

Crucial ingredients of a good website:

  • Good and complete content. If a person who has never heard of or dealt with your business sees your website, will the person understand what services your business provides? If so, then the content is good; if not, then the content needs to be revised.
  • Easy of navigation. The user must be able to go to all parts of the website with ease. The system of navigation must be consistent throughout. There should be no hidden pages that can only be found in obscure places.
  • Compatibility with mobile. With the prevalence of smartphone and tablet users and the habit of link sharing, mobile compatibility is a must. In web development world, it is called “responsive”. (Responsive means the website is responsive to the size of the screen and adjusts accordingly.) If you have an existing website that is not compatible with mobile, do not worry. The cost to convert existing websites to mobile compatible is not high and much lower than making a new website from scratch. Contact us for more information.
  • Contact information. Always contain complete contact information to your business. Phone number, fax (optional), address, a Google map with your location, email address, and business hours. We would recommend an online contact form.

Pitfalls you should avoid:

  • Pending major changes in business. If there are major changes to the business or key products, we would recommend getting the finalized content first before making a website before duplicating work.
  • An overly “rustic” design. Does your website remind people of the 1990s? Or windows 95? If so, that is a problem that we should fix.
  • Focus on design without giving attention to content. Pretty and eye grabbing designs are important, but do not forget that the real key to a website is good content. Always give precedence to the content and tweak design. For example, if the text is hard to read – change the colours even if it sacrifices aesthetics; if you have lots of content, put them on the website even if it looks less “clean”.
  • Overspending for the “perfect” website. There is no perfectly designed website. As your business evolves, so will the content and the needs of the website. The perfect looking website will look outdated in a year. Abiding by the 80/20 rule, aim for good and fairly priced; not perfect and expensive.
  • Overspending on functionalities that you do not need. We at Restobox are big proponents of buying what you need, not what you think you might need in a year. You always have the option of having your web development firm building new functionality down the road.

We hope our insight has been helpful. Got questions? Feel free to contact us. We are always excited to help you reach your goals.

Leo & Team

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