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Rocketz Autosports

Rocketz Autosport/Zola  Enterprises Co. Ltd. is an extension of a family network which started its roots in the automotive industry in the late 1970s.

In 1992, We opened our doors to the world market with a branch located in Vancouver, BC Canada, 30 minutes drive north of the Canada/USA border. Taking advantage of this geological location, we are able to do business on both in Canada and USA.

Now Rocketz Autosport has grown to be the largest aerodynamic body kit supplier in Canada with the support from Restobox’s web design and IT support.

Web Development for Richmond Business: Rocketz Autosport


Rocketz Autosport/Zola Enterprises Co. Ltd. had many technical problems with their original sites, and the business had wasted a great amount of time and labour work on providing solutions manually. For examples:

  • The company has more than 2000+ product that needs to be uploaded and updated, and all actions were done one by one manually on a weekly basis.
  • The shipping rules relied on manual calculation, and each transaction was different (packaging, sizes, weight, quantity, taxes, currency..etc).
  • The logistics and sales reports were done separately from the e-commerce system, and the inventories from three different warehouses were constantly unmatched.
  • The overcomplicated system to showcase all product variations, and customers may experience difficulties finding the desired product and information.
  • The original website (the client had re-designed their website with at least 5 different website companies) was not mobile friendly nor can be scaled with new software.

Restobox Solutions:

  • Custom design the shipping rules and the system automatically live-calculate the overall cost and the way how product shall be shipped precisely according to the content (product, shopper’s geographic and currency) in the shopping cart. For example:
  • Product A + B in shipping box X (shipping charge X1)
  • Product A + C in shipping box Y (shipping charge Y1)…etc
  • Custom design the e-commerce system that can automatically filter all product attributions accordingly (size, colour, weight, years, make, model..etc). Further, Rocketz can update their product online by uploading excel sheet, and avoid all the manual trouble.
  • Strong back-end support with an in-depth logistic system that shows all product flow and inventory report, including the feature of the system, actively notify Rocketz when product’s inventory is low according to the warehouse.
  • Real-time sales reports and detailed Google Analytics are provided to Rocketz and to help the business to grow effectively.
  • Completely redesign the entire website (including mobile and tablet design) and provide two simple ways for the end users to find the desired information :
  • The Year/Make/Model three-step filter bar on the landing page
  • The Vehicle Manufacture filter bar on the left panel

Overall Results:

  • Significantly reduce the overall labour force and time investment in the business operation and increase the efficiency of the sales and shipping flow = business grow.
  • 30% increase in mobile users who are now capable of making their purchases online.
  • Up to date information gives Rocketz the advantages of promoting the popular product ahead of the all-time trend = sales growth + brand growth.

In Summary

Full end-to-end solution in  developing an e-commerce shopping cart with a large database of products and complex shipping options.

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