How to Shorten or Change Post URLs in WordPress?

How to Shorten or Change Post URLs in WordPress?

By default wordpress uses the entire post title for URL – we sometimes want to change or shorten the URL.

Method 1: Change URL for post

Use this when making a new post.

  1. Login to page and go to edit post
  2. In the top right under the post title, there is a “Permalink”. Click on it
  3. After you click on it, the link turns into a text box which you can change to anything.
  4. After you are done changing, press “OK”. You will get the new url. (In our example, we shortened the URL.)
  5. Now click on “Update” to save the change
  6. You can now highlight and copy the URL for use.

Method 2: Create additional URLs

Use this when you are already using the existing URL or your readers already know the URL. You do not want to change URLs for existing post because the old link will stop working and websites / facebook /social media linking to old URL will create error.

In that case, the best way is to add additional link so both old and new links work.

    1. Install the redirection plugin
    2. Go to admin panel, left sidebar, click on “Tools” -> “Redirection”
    3. Click Add New
    4. Fill in the boxes:
      1. Fill in Source URL – this is the new URL you want to use (do not put in domain, just the part after domain, as in example)
      2. Fill in Target URL – the URL of the blog post right now.
    5. Click “Add redirect
    6. Test the new shortened URL by clicking on the new link