Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Restobox different from other local website companies? What are the advantages?


Restobox is aiming to be your Long-Term Supporting Team. With that saying

1) We offer inclusive on-going IT support, this will save you enormous amount of time from learning how to update your website.
2) Restobox specializes in sales and online marketing, we implement these experience to your website, and help to convert cold traffic to real clients, and building effective “In-site SEO” on your website.
3) We are responsible and efficient, you can always reach us by phone, mobile app or email!

Q: How long does it take to develop a professional website?


The time frame depending on the complexity of your project scope, but a standard website design + development takes an average of 4~6 weeks.

Q: How can my website be shown on the first two pages on Google?


Restobox will submit your website to Google upon completion; since your website just launched, it has a minimal score in Google Searched Engine’s ranking. Once you direct sufficient amount of traffic or have enough keywords on your website, your website will gradually improve and potentially be displayed on the first two pages. Click here to see how to improve your overall website ranking!

Q: Do I need an APP for my business and how much does it cost?


YES, If you are an established business that already has a steady client flow and you are looking to increase brand loyalty, an APP is what you can consider building.  For Detail Information, visit our partner company, CLEVER BANANA STUDIO who specializes in Mobile App Development.

NO, if you are in the starting phase of your business, Restobox includes customized mobile and tablet versions when developing your website, and to ensure all your clients can access to your website on any device with ease. This will save you at least $12,000 ~ $30,000 at starting phase.

Q: Do you guys build MLS website for Real Estate Agents and companies?


Due to MLS licensing concern, Restobox currently does not offer any MLS solution. Feel free to visit our partner company, REALTY FOCUZ for professional MLS website solution.