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In today’s world of online marketing, business owners have an overwhelming amount of options in which they can market their businesses. Many businesses struggle to cut through the noise and find the “winning formula” to get their business to the next level. Adding to the problem, there are no shortage of “online marketing gurus” who claim to have a magic formula to help any business grow.

Our marketing advice stands out from our competition because of ideas that work, and the ability to make our ideas happen. Too often, marketing companies sets out lofty goals but falls short of expectations. At Restobox, an idea is of no value until it is executed.

With Restobox, we help you cut through the noise and focus on what actually drives results. Together, we can create a repeatable, sustainable process to grow your customer base and revenue.

Restobox Hosting Transfer Procedures

Restobox’s hosting transfer procedures are carefully designed and executed to ensure minimal disruption on client’s online operations. We have experience in transferring many different client website and email services to our servers in various situations. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to us about it – we are more than happy to address any concerns.

Avoiding Downtime and Disruptions

The transfer process typically takes less than two hours, depending on the amount of data, and complexity of the hosting setup. We typically transfer the website at around or after midnight (Vancouver time) to have minimal chance of change in any data during the transfer.

Our hosting transfer procedures are designed to avoid downtime – someone surfing the website during the transfer is likely to not going to notice any disruption at all.

Typical Hosting Transfer Procedures

This is the typical hosting transfer procedure that we undertake. Exact steps may differ depending on the situation.

#1 – Technical AssessmentWe will first login to your existing hosting account to ensure we have all the necessary access and understand what data needs to be transferred. We look for the file types, size, and host provider’s export options to assess what type of transfer techniques are to be used.
#2 – Business AssessmentWe will speak with the client and listen to the client’s concerns and any special issues of interest that relate to the transfer. We may need to modify our procedures to fit the client’s needs.
#3 – Data TransferWe will transfer the data in the background to the new server without affecting the performance of the existing server. This does not affect the client or anyone viewing the website or sending emails to the client. (The website and emails will still work.) During this time, we do recommend the client to not change anything on the website until the transfer is complete.
#4 – Setup and TestingWebsite: We will test the website in the new hosting environment to detect any errors and resolve them before proceeding to the next step. Users are not affected and are not aware of our testing.Email: We will setup email and migrate any email settings over. Then we will transfer old emails to the new server. We will test the accounts to ensure that the emails are on the new server.
#5 – Updating Nameservers – the “Real” SwitchUp until now, the public do not see the newly transferred website. Once the tests and data transfers are complete, we will change the DNS settings on the domain to point to the new servers. After this, everyone will be loading the website on the new server. Emails are also sent to the new server.
Note: Due to the way the Internet is designed, people surfing the web may still be seeing the old hosting account and may need up to 2 hours before loading from the new hosting account. Similarly, emails may still be sent to the old hosting account for up to 2 hours. Sometimes, certain users still be on the old server for more than 2 hours, but based on our experience, this is not common.
#6 – Final Clean UpWebsite: We will do a final check on the website to ensure that there are no compatibility issues in the new environment.Email: We will go back to the old server to see if there are any emails sent to the old server during the transfer and did not make it for the transfer. If there are any, we will forward them to the new server.
#7 – Update Client SettingsEmail Only: We will provide the client with new login details to access emails on the new server. All emails are stored in new server.
Website: Typically, no action from client is needed.

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