One of the most commonly asked QUESTIONS for every small business owners is : “How can my website be one of the TOP 3 displayed pages on Google?”


Online Marketing


Online Marketing is a hard battle that consumes enormous amount of time, creativity and patience. In order to get the upmost result of reaching the desired audience, you are required to adjust the media contents and marketing approaches based on the daily data report. If online users see your professional Advertisement displayed on their search engines regularly, you may have just earned yourself a long term client! Restobox has summarized 6 key factors that will have great impact on your website’s ranking:


Since the solution is obvious, then the real QUESTION is, do you have 《 the TIME to manage the online social media contents》 yourself?

The three AD below are using the same search tool – Google Adword, to promote their Tui Na service, and which one catches your eye first?


AMATEUR advertisement design will NOT attract any impulsive user clicks; will NOT increase your SALES, and definitely WILL NOT help your business to grow.

As a business owner, how do you prefer your advertisement display online to attract more attention?


RESTOBOX Online Marketing Solution plans, designs, adjusts and builds competitive advertisement for your brand. We ensure the online advertisement are displaying adequately on the proper media channels to attract your target audience, which will help increasing your business’ overall revenue at an affordable cost. Our design and work are meant for your business’ long term growth, and with all our efforts combined, you will see an continuous improvement online.



Client X has a budget of $3500 to invest on online marketing (including the labour cost) for 3 months.

Starting from August 2016, within a 4-week period, the exposure rate has increased significantly from 20 people per day to as high as 750 people PER DAY.


There are approximately 8,000 selected target audience ( after filtering the desired sex, age, demographic…etc.) that have been reached on social media platforms。


For example, one of the most successful post on Facebook has reached 2,330 unique audience within a week of time。




(A statistic that describes how your ad typically ranks compared to other ads. This rank determines the order in which ads appear on the page. An average position of 1-8 is generally on the first page of Google search results,)


Even a NEWLY LAUNCHED WEBSITE (score close to 0) can be easily found online on the first page!




  • The Ad can effectively generate around 22,500 Impressions per month.
  • The Ad attracts around 240 real clients who are SPECIFICALLY interested in your business.
  • By the end of the month, approximately 50 clients have physically visited the business and turned into a regular customer.


The business has broken even in the second month and generated 160% of the total investment at the end!


If you would like to increase exposure for your brand and grow your business revenue WITHOUT investing too much; having a marketing specialist; knowing how to promote effectively or putting much time to execute marketing plans, RESTOBOX Online Marketing Solution will have a solution for you。

We have the right talents with proper skills to assist you, helping you to achieve your goal in a cost-effective and timely manner. Most importantly, we will always be proactive and constantly look for a better channel for you!!!


*Every system has it own marketing algorithm, as long as we calculate the ranking equations correctly, a regular post can rank even higher than those who paid for their advertisements. (This Bug has already been informed to the IT department)

Kindly Noted : Each marketing advertisement may have different results due to the uniqueness of each business and industry. Yet, Restobox Online Marketing Solution will do our best to make your business the best!

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