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Changan Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Chongqing, China, and a state-owned enterprise. Its principal activity is the production of passenger cars, microvans, commercial vans and light trucks.

Changan designs, develops, manufactures, and sells passenger cars sold under the Changan brand and commercial vehicles sold under the Chana brand. It operates joint ventures with Ford (Changan Ford), Groupe PSA (Changan PSA), Mazda (Changan Mazda) and Suzuki (Changan Suzuki) which respectively produce Ford, DS Automobiles, Mazda and Suzuki branded passenger cars for the Chinese market. It also has a joint venture with Jiangling Motors (JMC), which produces SUVs sold under the Landwind marque.

With the full support from Changan Automobile and Jiahe Marketing Group, Restobox has planned and executed a large-scale marketing campaign across Canada, China, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. This marketing campaign delivers the corporates’ vision with closer binding in three different cultures.

Offline and Online Marketing for Changan Automobile


  • Changan Automobile had difficulties to increase its sales volume in South America’s market and branding awareness in China;
  • Changan Automobile was seeking a team who possessed the abundant experience in Sales, Marketing, Event Hosting and Driving to execute this marketing campaign;
  • The execution team is required to approach the marketing in a new prospect and without political bias nor influences from the brand’s history;
  • Restobox is responsible for assisting in Visa application process for both the Chinese Marketing Company and Supervisors from Changan Automobile.


Restobox team had two months to prepare the follow 8 marketing phases:

  • Set the Events’ Goals and Budget;
    • Internal Discussion of the Event Content Creation and Management Tactics;
    • Design the overall Event Workflow (planning itinerary, recruiting and consulting experts from all fields (Embassy, Local Tour Guide, Translation, Driving, Security, Insurance…etc);
    • Summarize the Communication Tactics and discuss with the Chinese Marketing Group;
    • Put Together all Collaboration Strategies;
  • During the execution period, Restobox team is responsible for the following key tasks:
    • Quality Control of the overall marketing production;
    • Consultation with the local automobile distributor and sales center in each country;
    • Communication with the partners and the client in China;
    • Collaboration with the local press, media and individual marketing expert in each country;
    • Arrange and managing all expenses (equipment rental, accommodation, local press marketing, event hosting…etc;
  • Restobox has provided 20+ hours of raw video footage, 500+ carefully selected and edited quality images, 25000+ words of promotional material (in short stories form) and other raw marketing resources;


  • Successfully launched One-Large-Scale marketing event: Exploring Legends and photo shooting contest: Starry Changan;
  • Episodes of documentary videos have been launched in one of the largest Sport T.V. Channels: AutoMundo Perú in Colombia and Peru;
  • More than 20 Chinese Media Companies have shared and reported this large-scale marketing event, and had approximately 0.6 million views collectively;
  • Facebook Marketing App Development and Management;
  • Established sufficient sales and marketing material that Changan Mobile’s Marketing team is still using in 2017!
  • The client has successfully launched a various marketing campaign with a recognizable event and branding image.

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