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Need an Extra Hand?

Whether you are an existing IT firm that needs an extra hand, independent designer / coder, or an established company that wants temporary help on coding, design, or translation, we can help. We offer professional and competitive rates for specific subcontracting services that you need.


  • Responsive web design for PC, tablet, mobile
  • Business card
  • Logo
  • Posters and flyers
  • Print and other magazines
  • Restaurant menu


  • HTML/CSS/Jquery
  • Custom PHP scripts
  • WordPress theme coding and plugin coding
  • Mysql database design


  • Translation (English, Chinese) for general topics and specialized topics (sales, engineering, finance & accounting, medical, etc.)
  • Social media content generation
  • Copywriting


  • Bulk content processing and uploading
  • Bulk Excel and spreadsheet data processing


  • Competitively priced hosting arrangement (VPS, reseller, or single account)
  • Pricing is ideal for IT firms that have less than 50 clients that need hosting
  • We offer high degree control on operating environment

Benefits to You


Skip all the headaches and fixed costs of hiring and training new staff. Get things done right away with us.


Pre-negotiated fixed cost structure. For most jobs, we do not bill by hour, but only by results.


Your clients will not know you subcontracted certain responsibilities to us. (This is especially important for IT firms.)


Our services are highly flexible and we will only perform the specific work that you need.

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