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Life is a sweet meandering journey but not without its tricky bits. We need to build enough magic in our childhoods to take us through life buoyantly. I hope that I can affect and encourage more parents, especially dads with a sense of missing in modern families, to give children more attention and companion, with my earnest practice.

Every child is an angel, MIKIKIBABY wants to deliver good toys and products that can bring the purest companion, the most friendly interaction and the most healthy lifestyle through childhood. This is where we start and our original intention of creating the brand. Hold the original will, dream big and enjoy the little things.

MIKIKIBABY has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service and on-going IT support.

Web Design for Richmond Business:  Mikikibaby


  • Mikikibaby never had a website in the past and was not sure how to incorporate both of their product lines designs (one is very colourful and the other line is plain black and white) into one well-presented website.
  • Mikikibaby had limited online selling experience and was not sure what tasks need to be done (such that the logistic, shipping rules and shipping rate calculation, tax…etc)


  • Design an elegant website layout that compliments both colorful and simple black & white product content that best reflect Mikikibaby’s branding value and vision;
  • Copy-written approximately 2000 branded and none branded keywords on the website with the support by Mikikibaby, and this in-site SEO technique enables Mikikibaby’s website to be searchable on Google Search Engine;
  • Explicitly walk through the client with all the tasks that the business shall be aware of and custom design the shipping calculation which allows Mikikibaby to sell its product anywhere in the world without taking losses on shipping rate.


  • The client is satisfied with the fusion style that compliments both colorful and simple black & white product;
  • The client is ready to deliver the fantastic toys to all families who need good toys to play with their children!!