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Maiti (Majesty International Travel) is a consulting company for tourism, studying abroad matter and immigration in Canada. All the professional consultants whom we work with, are qualified by the Canadian Association of Immigration Consultants (ICCRC).

Maiti is dedicated in providing all customers a convenient and effective one-stop solution, and we are proud to serve our clients with sincerity and professionalism! Our vision is to provide the in-depth consulting services and to satisfy all client’s needs cost-effectively.

Our head office locates in downtown Vancouver, and we offer consulting service in both English and Mandarin!

Maiti has been growing steadily with the support from Restobox’s web service and on-going IT support.

Web Design for Vancouver Business: Maiti (Majesty International Travel)


  • Maiti had to scatter information on two different websites that serve the same purpose, which created the problem of diversifying the online traffic volume and inconsistent information.
  • the previous two websites were not mobile friendly and had an outdated design, which could not compliment the quality and excitement services that the business is offering.
  • the old websites were full of content but lack of functionalities, which requires Maiti to invest a great amount of time and effort on following up each transaction and collect the desired information (such as signatures on waiver forms, tour information…etc)
  • both of the previous websites had limited functionalities and could not satisfied the business’ growing needs (such as customized high-end tour)


  • Organize most of the content from two old websites (more than 300 Files were put in place);
  • Custom design a very clear and user-friendly sen structures that make all services’ information can easily be accessed by all web users.

For examples:

Custom Tour page

  • Custom tour design involves various attributes such as transportation (vehicle type, amount), tour condition (overall dates, cities, activities), preference of meals, accommodation, insurance, travel style…and more

Preset Tours

  • Explicit tour options by countries, cities, days…etc
  • The tour page contains both online and offline marketing material, so users can learn the benefits of the service from all aspects

Group purchase Tour

  • Custom pricing determine by accommodation type, amount of residents and traveller…etc
  • Custom built a web-app that enable the e-commerce system to perform key features like Groupon
    • A unique code is generated in the system when a user purchased a product online
    • The unique code can be redeemed by the corresponding vendors (and the system will validate the availability of each unique code)
    • Admin can manage all three-ways (admin, vendors, clients) redemption system in one back end.

Additional Services

  • Layer One – Key Services and Solutions are filtered by industries
  • Layer Two – Service Title and Description
  • Layer Three – Each services condition, procedure, and terms and condition



  • The client is satisfied with the new website’s professional presentation and the accessibility of all the organized content layout.
  • The website’s online tour reservations and custom pricing calculation systems have increased approximately 70% of employee’s work efficiency and mitigate the potential errors that may occur by the labor force.
  • The entire website is mobile friendly, both the potential prospects and the company’s salesmen can utilize the website to close sales at any places with a phone or tablet.
  • The website also supports multiple payment gateways, such as Alipay, UnionPay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express…etc)
  • The new Groupon-like web app enables Maiti to expand the new service line with ease and increase a great amount of available cash flow in the company.