Frequently Asked Questions
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Do I need an APP for my business and how much does it cost?

YES, If you are an established business that already has a steady client flow and you are looking to increase brand loyalty, an APP is what you can consider building.
NO, if you are in the starting phase of your business, Restobox actually includes the customized mobile and tablet versions when developing your website, and to ensure your clients can access to your website on any device with ease. This will save you at least $10,000 ~ $30,000 and many more troubles.

How can my website be shown on the first two pages of google?

Restobox will submit your website to Google upon completion; yet, since your website just launched, it has a minimal score in the Google Searched Engine’s ranking. Once you drive enough traffic or have enough keywords on your website, your website will gradually improve and potentially be displayed on the first two pages.
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How exactly do I contact Restobox to make changes to my website?

At Restobox, we recognize you are a busy business owner, so we provide multiple methods to contact us at your convenience. You can do any of the following: email us, give us a call or simply just text us. All clients are assigned a local sales representative who acts as a point of contact and monitors any issues a client may face.

How long does it take to create develop website?

The time frame depending on the complexity of your requests, but a standard web design + development shall take 4~6 weeks of time. With the exception of simple restaurant website, after receiving your restaurant content (restaurant description, menu, images, etc.), your website can be ready for launch approval within 8 business days.

What is the maximum disk space and bandwidth limit?

We guarantee to provide at least 1,000 MB of disk space and 200 GB bandwidth a month. This should be enough for websites with more than 1,500 visitors a day. (Typical website will not get more than 100 visitors a day.) We do not have hard limits on either, as long as the space and bandwidth usage is for the original intent of marketing your restaurant to the public.

Why do I need online marketing for my website? Does it make me more money?

Building a website is like creating a professional business card for you to pass on to your client. On the other hand, online Marketing is to give away your business card to the right audiences actively in a timely manner.
Online marketing is a result-proven tool for most businesses nowadays; yet, we do need to understand what do you want to achieve within what time frame and whats your budget before we may determine the best marketing solution for you.

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