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明善堂 JED Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic
Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic
Project Description

The objective of this marketing project is to increase J.E.D. Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic overall revenue by redefining its services and re-positioning the business in Vancouver’s local alternative health solution market.

Since J.E.D. Clinic physically locates at the center of Chinatown in B.C., the geographical advantage naturally attracts many local Chinese residents but not others. Restobox’s team begins developing an adequate solution by polishing both Chinese and English content on the Website, then we start producing original T.C.M. and self-cultivation related posts in blog form to maintain a good customer relationship with the end clients.

Over three months efforts in implementing the marketing strategies and communicating with the end clients, J.E.D. Clinic is successfully recognized as one of the most popular and with the highest-rating clinics in Vancouver by These on-the-spot marketing strategies are proven to attract many new clients from a various background and locations in a very cost effective manner.

Project Details
Client明善堂 JED Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic

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