Restobox Case Study
Below is a visitor report from a real Restobox client, a restaurant located in a small town with a population of no more than 20,000 people.


Source: Actual figures provided by Google.
Note: Above example from actual Restobox customer. User activity may vary for different restaurants.

This is an actual user activity report of a restaurant that uses Restobox.
Within 1 year, website activity increased from less than a user a day to 35 users a week!
The restaurant is located in a small town, and did not pay for any advertisement for the website.
Restobox can help you reach more customers and improve your sales too!

What can Restobox do for you?
Here is an example of what it could do for you:

First Year Every Year After
Website Visits Per Week 25 40
Week Per Year 52 52
Visits Per Year 1,300 2,080
Cost of Website Per Year $72.00 $72.00
Cost per Visitor to Website $0.0554 $0.0346

Website increases restaurant sales:
First time customers look for a website to know your restaurant
Repeat customers read menu online to order takeout
Customers recommends your restaurant to friends by sending your website to them (or name and their friends will search for your website)

Go ahead. Reach more food lovers
with a Restobox website.